Eunsuk Kang

Assistant Professor

Institute for Software Research
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

office: Wean Hall 5319
email: eskang [at] cmu [dot] edu
phone: (412) 268-3761

I am interested in finding better ways to design software systems that are safe, secure, and reliable to use. I am especially interested in leveraging rigorous modeling and analysis techniques to detect and address potential flaws in early development stages.

Interests. Software design, assurance, modeling, verification, safety, security, and cyber-physical systems.

Applications. Some of the systems that I've recently worked on include intelligent vehicles, a water treatment plant, a medical device, IoT and mobile platforms, and web applications.


08/2018: I will be co-teaching 17-651: Models of Software Systems with David Garlan this fall.



Prior to joining CMU, I spent a year working on connected vehicles at Toyota ITC, and was a postdoctoral scholar on the NSF ExCAPE program with Stéphane Lafortune and Stavros Tripakis. I received a PhD in Computer Science at MIT, working with Daniel Jackson. Before coming to MIT, I studied software engineering at the University of Waterloo, where I spent several terms as a member of WatForm.

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